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Aura oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can
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Aura will add a subtle and smooth touch of fruity olive flavor to your dishes. The organic oil for every day that goes with everything, use it for cooking or as a gastronomic ingredient

Product Description

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

100% arbequina.

  1. Pick the olives in the second phase of ripening.
  2. Transport them to the mill the same day as the harvest without crushing the olives.
  3. Mill, churn and extract the oil.
  4. Store in stainless steel tanks in climate-controlled conditions and bottle on demand.

3L: 20.9 cm long x 16.4 cm wide x 11 cm deep

5L: 37 cm long x 16.4 cm wide x 11 cm deep

To preserve all the qualities of Aura oil, keep away from heat and light.

Aura is a sweet oil, with a notable fruity olive taste balanced by hints of nuts, artichoke and tomato plant. It is a gentle oil but with presence, which invites you to use it daily, whether to cook or as a gastronomic supplement to pair with all your dishes.

Nutrition information average value per 100g:

Calories: 900kcal/3700kj

Saturated: 13g
Monounsaturated: 79g
Polyunsaturated: 8g

Proteins: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Salt: 0g