Dauliba Oils • dauliba Premium Virgin Olive Oil - A Boneless Oil

Dauliba, a fusion of tradition and innovation.

We create liquid gold to bring the spot the arbequina olive is named after to the world.
Dauliba is centuries of farmwork, reinterpreted, forged, until intense maximum quality oils are obtained.
Dauliba is the need to reinvent tomorrow, a clear challenge to your palate.



We attend to every little detail during the whole process of farming and production.

  • Balanced olive trees, healthier oil
  • Optimised supportive irrigation
  • Natural, organic treatments only
  • Controlled super-intensive farming We can exercise great control over this type of crop. This allows us to produce a very similar and regular oil every year. We can harvest early to maximise the oil’s health benefits.
    We have the most sophisticated machinery which reduces harm to the trees and helps us to obtain fresher olives. Every detail counts.
  • Very precise monitoring for possible pests
  • Optimal natural conditions of Les Garrigues The Mediterranean climate of Les Garrigues is characterised by its intense sunlight which generates an optimal amount of energy for olive trees. The area’s ideal altitude and location, climatological difficulty and poor soil also contribute to improving the olive trees’ balance.

Oils from Arbeca, the arbequina olive’s namesake town.

Arbeca is the place which the exquisite arbequina olive oil variety was named after.
According to legend, the Duke of Medinaceli, who lived in the castle-palace of Arbeca, brought the fruit from Palestine in the 18th century. The Duke’s promise to pay one ral de billó for every olive tree planted (a promise he ultimately failed to keep) inspired the farming of this crop all over the county.
Although this type of olive tree could already be seen throughout Arbeca, this event was the beginning of the arbequina farming boom across the whole peninsula.
The arbequina is considered one of the best olive varieties in the world, both for its production and regularity and for the quality of its oil. Because of this, we plant and grow arbequinas. Because of this, and because we are from Arbeca, of course.

Oli DaulibaDauliba Oil


Dauliba is a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Dauliba is made with the love and passion of a whole family. To obtain an oil of maximum quality, it is important for the olives to arrive at the mill as fresh and well-conserved as possible. This is why we harvest at the break of dawn so the outside temperature is lower. The temperature is kept below 25ºC throughout the production process. We bring the olives to the mill right after they are picked, in small quantities to prevent them from getting crushed. Every detail is key to obtaining a better oil.

Image showing the entire pit extracted prior to milling, in comparison with the milled pit remains along with the paste in the typical process


Dauliba, a unique oil without the pit.

Dauliba is an organic, early-harvest extra virgin olive oil made 100% from arbequina olives. Unlike other oils, to create Dauliba, we delicately extract the pit before milling the olives and produce the oil using the juice of the pulp alone. In the typical manufacturing process, the structure of the olive, along with its pit, is broken during milling to release the liquid part, and in the process of churning, the paste of the olives is separated from the other elements used to make the oil. We perform the milling and churning without the pit. This process endows our oil with unique organoleptic qualities.


More than an oil, an authentic olive juice.

We extract the pit to create a finer, more elegant oil with the features inherent to an early-harvest oil from green olives: a strong fruity flavour of olives and green grass with a spicy, bitter aftertaste, intense but very fine on the palate, with the sweetness of arbequinas and without the astringency of the pit. Dauliba is, without a doubt, a gastronomic ingredient which adds intensity and personality to your dishes.

Aura by daulibaAURA by dauliba


Aura, your quality organic extra virgin for every day

Aura is a ripe, organic profile of extra virgin olive oil from the same orchard as Dauliba. Unlike Dauliba, we harvest it 30 days later and, thus, it is made with olives in the second phase of ripening. Aura oil is less green than Dauliba and its attributes are manifested less intensely. All the same, it continues to be an oil with personality but with a gentle profile that invites you to use it daily, whether to cook or as a gastronomic supplement to pair with all your dishes.


Production process

Unlike Dauliba, Aura is produced in the traditional manner with the olive pit. During the days of harvest, we continue to monitor every little detail of the production process, we transport the olives to the mill on multiple occasions to get the olives there fresh and, once they’ve arrived, we adhere to the highest quality standards in the process, manufacturing an excellent product.


Organoleptic Aura

Aura is a sweet oil, with a notable fruity olive taste balanced by hints of nuts, artichoke and tomato plant. It is a gentle oil but with presence, which invites you to use it daily, whether to cook or as a gastronomic supplement to pair with all your dishes.